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ball bearing automatic assembly and making machine

unctions and characteristics:


1. Parts alignment, delivery and escapement system
The random parts are arranged automatically according to the space orientation which 
is convenient for the automatic processing of the machine, and then smoothly
transported to the subsequent escapement to prepare for the subsequent grasping of
the manipulator.
2. Grasping shifting placing mechanism
The escapement point positioning zero (components) to seize or use vacuum sucked, and 
then moved to another location (usually assembly position).
3. Assembly working mechanism
Refers to the completion of the assembly the main action mechanism, such as the 
workpiece clamping, pressing, screw, bonding, welding, snap, riveting, bonding, welding
in the upper part.
4. Detection mechanism
It is used to detect the work step by step on the assembled parts or machines, such
as missing parts detection, size detection, defect detection, function detection and
material cleaning detection.
5. Extraction mechanism of workpiece
A mechanism used to classify and assemble qualified components and unqualified
components from machines.

Production capacity (cans/hour)1500